Diaspora: Empire of Genesis

Escaping Station 9

...or testing out social conflict mechanics

Hector, Camille and Gauss found themselves on Station 9 in the Federation of Xenoterra at the Nadir slipknot. Much to Gauss’ concern, Agents of Genetic Purity (or whatever much cooler name they have) also landed on station trying to arrest him. The group went about convincing Commander Lucchio that he should let them un-dock and leave while Agent Root Five tried to apprehend the fugitive Gauss.

Camille pleaded to the Commander their collective innocence, while Hector retreated to their ship, and Gauss tried to hide. Agent Root Five tried to raise an alarm on the station but the locals were not respecting his authority. Commander Lucchio was mostly trying to keep everything as businesslike as possible, and trying to make sure no Agents of any law got all upset on his station.

Eventually, invoking Xenavski’s reputation and a bit of charm, Lucchio was convinced to let the Unintended Consequences undock, and the party jumped on board and bailed out of system.


ryltar79 ryltar79

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